Abell Radios

  • Abell A-510 Two way radio VHF UHF Pretoria - The Abell A510 is an IP56 water proof UHF/VHF industrial grade portable. The most compact by volume  IP56/66 radio available at only H104.5mm by W52mm by W28.5mm The essentials – IP56 waterproof – you can hose this radio down, dip it in a … Continue reading
  • Abell A-600 Waterproof Two way Radio Pretoria - Produce Details Submersible two way radio Waterproof The A-600 designed with IP57 dust/water proof,enables users a reliable use in damp and dusty place. Wide operating frequency range enables users to configure radios easily.  
  • Abell S1 Portable two way radio UHF VHF Pretoria - S1 The S1 is customized frequency range design. It has 30MHz, 20MHz frequency range and pmr446 optional. Excellent performance at half of the price is your choice. Built with high quality components the best specification and performance. Application:♦Hotel, restaurant & … Continue reading

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