Abell S1 Portable two way radio UHF VHF Pretoria

Abell S1 UHF VHF Two way radio

Abell S1 UHF VHF Two way radio

The S1 is customized frequency range design. It has 30MHz, 20MHz frequency range and pmr446 optional. Excellent performance at half of the price is your choice. Built with high quality components the best specification and performance.


♦Hotel, restaurant & recreation
Supermarket, shopping mall
♦Government, public safety & security

Abell A-510 Two way radio VHF UHF Pretoria

Abell A-510 Two way radio VHF UHF

Abell A-510 Two way radio VHF UHF

The Abell A510 is an IP56 water proof UHF/VHF industrial grade portable. The most compact by volume  IP56/66 radio available at only H104.5mm by W52mm by W28.5mm

The essentials – IP56 waterproof – you can hose this radio down, dip it in a bucket of water to clean it; Full UHF and VHF band coverage: 16 channels; ctcss & dcs, voice announce for radio identity, battery power and channel; scan, tot, bclo, emergency alert; multi level battery save; 10 hour duty cycle on 1250 Mah lithium Ion battery.

What is IP56? – The 5 represent dust protection and “5” means that “ingress of dust is not entirely prevented but it must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of the equipment”. The 6 represents water proofness and the “6” means that “water projected in powerful jets (1/2 inch – 12.5mm nozzle) against the enclosure will have no harmful effect”.  

Comes complete with IP56 radio body, IP56 1250 Mah lithium Ion battery. belt clip, aerial, charger pod, PSU and user instructions. 

Suitable for:- Industrial sites, shipyards, construction sites, factories, wildlife parks, hotels, manufacturing, sports centres, schools, hospitals, etc.   

Key reasons to buy:- Waterproof to IP56, 16 channels with scan, VOX as standard, 1250 Mah lithium ion battery linked to an advanced battery save system gives a full 10 hours duty cycle, very tough MIL 810 C,D,E,F. Very loud audio output CTCSS, DCS. Voice annunciation including unique radio identification number. Superb value.