RTS DV3950 Wifi / GPRS / GPS Tracking two way radio Pretoria, Smart Push To Talk, Coverage Nationally

RTS DV3950 GPRS wifi long range two way radio

RTS DV3950 WIFI GPRS Cell two way radio with GPS tracking, PTT

RTS DV3950 GPRS wifi long range two way radio. PTT








Talk from anywhere in South Africa to anywhere with this excellent product. Durban to Alexander Bay. Cape Town to Musina.

DV-3950 Digital Portable two way radio.

WCDMA Digital portable two way radio.

Build in GPS receiver for tracking of radio. ( Tracking Software included).

Country wide communications. Effortlessly.

No repeater waiting time. Everybody in a group can talk at the same. Unlimited user access time.

Worldwide communications from across the border to home town on special request.

Group call

Individual call ( One to One ) wile group is talking

Duplex individual call. ( Similar to hands free )

Individual private calls

Programmable over the air. No need to bring your unit in for programming. Stay in the privacy of your home.

When a radio has been lost, Deactivate the unit even if the lost unit is switch off or the battery removed

Free dispatch software and google maps

Live and History GPS tracking

Extremely long battery live ( more Than 28 Hours with 25%  capacity remaining

Charging fro the wall charger, Vehicle charger or from your laptop.

Small and lightweight design.

Extremely robust design

RTS DV-2135 Two Way Radio Pretoria

RTS DV2135 Two way radio Pretoria

RTS DV2135 Two way radio Pretoria

  • DV-2135 Mobile two way radio
  • Display: Graphic dot matrix LCD display (24 Alphanumeric display)
  • Channels: 255 Channels
  • Frequency Stability: 2.5ppm
  • Wide Band: Full band operation
  • RF output: 30 Watts adjustable
  • Receiver: 0.25micro Volts for 12db sinad
  • Channel Guard: CTCSS and DCS per Channel
  • BCLO: Yes per channel for comrep use
  • Tone Formats: 5-Tone all standard formats + DTMF format
  • Emergency Call: Yes with caller ID
  • Address Book:  Up to 100 + Variable calls
  • Scan: Priority per channel group, Normal scan, Trunk scan, User selectable, Nuisance delete.
  • Audio: >4 Watt on front speaker with optional 16 Watts external speaker
  • Microphone: 600 Ohms Dynamic – DTMF Standard
  • Power supply: 11.5V~17V
  • Current consumption: Standby 200mA, RX @ Full Volume< 1.5Amps, TX @ 30W – < 5Amps
  • Size: 40mm(H) x 155mm(W) x 160mm (D)
  • Weight: 1000 grams.
  • Standards: Mil std 810 D,E & F (Vibration and Shock) IP 54 (water & dust)
  • Approval: CE, FCC and ICASA
  • RTS DV2135, DV-2135, DV 2135