Kirisun PT-578 Two way radio Pretoria

Kirisun PT578 two way radio

Kirisun PT578 two way radio

Kirisun KB-70Q Battery charger

Kirisun KB-70Q Battery charger

Kirisun KB-56A battery

Kirisun KB-56A battery







Water Protection Class IP65
In harsh, noisy and dusty working conditions such as construction sites, your radio is apt to be smudged. The PT578 will bring you reliable communication and high productivity in these working conditions, and its superb waterproof performance allows you to wash off mud and dust on your radio.

Powerful audio output
1.6w audio output and voice compander ensure crisp, clear and strong audio quality even in any noisy environment.

Built in 5 Tone signaling for Caller ID

Tough and reliable design
PT578 meets waterproof IP65 where the radio dose not harms when work in the rain. In addition, it meets MIL-810C/D/E/F standards, it could withstand harsh environment.

Safety Assurance
With lone worker, Security enquire, and kinds of emergency features that assure you safety in case of emergencies or accidents

Wide frequency coverage
The PT578 series covers a wide frequency range with one version (136-174, 400-450, 420-470 MHz). Different channel spacing (25, 12.5 kHz) and TX Power (high, low) are programmable per channel.

Channel Scan
The channel scan feature enables the radio to continuously scan each channel in the scan list for activity. Simply press a side function button to activate scanning. When activity is detected on a channel the scan process will stop and you will hear the transmission.

Water proof, Slash Proof

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Alan HP06 / HP70 Two way radio Pretoria Midland

Alan HP06 HP70 Two way radio

Alan HP06 HP70 Two way radio Midband Highband

Ideal for public and private sector surveillance, HP06 provides a highly valuable contribution to service
delivery in surveillance or security fields, using practical and personalized solutions which respond
to any and all communications requirements, from the most simple to the most complex. Thanks to the
multiple call functions, the user can also program group or emergency call sequences on predefined
channels, block busy channels (Busy Lockout), and set start and end conversation times, optimizing
the use of radio channels.
The inbuilt scrambler allows for the encoding of calls while still remaining transparent to the user,
ensuring maximum privacy during conversations. The Lone Worker function, available as an option;
is ideal to protect the users working in remote or isolated areas, thanks to the sending of special
emergency codes.

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Kenwood TK-250 TK350 two way radio UHF VHF Pretoria

Kenwood TK-250 TK-350 Battery

Kenwood TK-250 TK-350 Discontinued

Kenwood KNB-12A Battery for TK-250 TK-350

Kenwood KNB-12A Battery for TK-250 TK-350

KSC-8A Kenwood TK-250 TK-350 Charger

KSC-8A Battery charger, Discontinued







Service and repairs still supported

  • Wide/narrow channel bandwidth switching (multi-mode) for existing needs and future compatibility
  • Large 4-character alphanumeric LCD display
  • Tough, lightweight and compact construction
  • 160 channel capacity and up to 24 MHz of bandwidth
  • Advanced scanning functions
  • Busy channel lockout
  • Time out timer
  • Built-in QT and DQT squelch
  • Built-in two-tone decoder
  • DTMF decode
  • Scan revert channel
  • Tri-color LED
  • Computerized design architecture
  • Computerized alignment
  • Cloning
  • Self-program mode
  • Sleeve construction
  • Programmable power levels

Kenwood TK250, Kenwood TK-250, Kenwood TK 250, Kenwood TK350, Kenwood TK-350, Kenwood TK 350

KSC8A Battery charger, KSC-8A Battery charger, KSC 8A Battery charger, KNB-12  Battery,  KNB12 Battery, KNB 12 battery

Abell A-600 Waterproof Two way Radio Pretoria

Abell A-600 Waterproof Two way radio UHF VHF

Abell A-600 Waterproof Two way radio UHF Vhf

Produce Details

Submersible two way radio Waterproof

The A-600 designed with IP57 dust/water proof,enables users a reliable use in damp and dusty place. Wide operating frequency range enables users to configure radios easily.


Abell S1 Portable two way radio UHF VHF Pretoria

Abell S1 UHF VHF Two way radio

Abell S1 UHF VHF Two way radio

The S1 is customized frequency range design. It has 30MHz, 20MHz frequency range and pmr446 optional. Excellent performance at half of the price is your choice. Built with high quality components the best specification and performance.


♦Hotel, restaurant & recreation
Supermarket, shopping mall
♦Government, public safety & security

Kenwood TK-7180 TK-8180 two way radio UHF VHF Pretoria

Kenwood TK-7180 TK-8180

Kenwood TK-7180 TK-8180 Two way radio

TK-7180E /TK-8180E

  • 8 Personalities
  • 32 Conventional Channels per Personality
  • Trunk Mount Option
  • Alphanumeric_Display
  • RS-232 Comports
  • Large Heatzink

Kenwood TK-7302 TK-8302 Mobile two way radio UHF VHF

Kenwood TK-7302 TK8302

Kenwood TK7302 TK8302

TK-7302M TK-8302M

  • Frequency Range: 136-174 MHz
  • 16 Channels
  • 25 Watts RF Output
  • Emergency Mode
  • DTMF,QT & DQT Signalling
  • PTT ID and Electronic Serial Number
  • Voice Annunciation In Eight Languages
  • MDC-1200 Signalling (requires special license ID)
  • D-Sub Interface Connector
  • Requires Optional Microphone

Kenwood TK-2180 TK-3180 Portable two way radio Pretoria

Kenwood TK2180 TK3180

Kenwood TK2180 TK3180

❚ FleetSync  / FleetSync  II

Kenwood TK2107 TK3107 Two wat radio Discontinued Spares available

Tk-2107 TK-3107

Tk-2107 TK-3107 Discontinued

The Primary Communicator

Rugged, fully featured and easy to handle, Kenwood’s 16-channel
TK-2107 / TK-3107 simply makes good business sense. Designed to
meet tough MIL-STD 810 C/D/E specifications, this portable radio
is extremely reliable — making it perfect for security, service
industries and a wide range of commercial applications with
simple yet demanding operational requirements. It even provides
all the convenience of hands-free operation when used with the
optional headset and microphone.

Frequency range                                           150 ~ 174 MHz 450 ~ 470 MHz
Channels                                                       16 channels
Channel spacing                                            Wide/Narrow 25 kHz/12.5 kHz
PLL step 5 kHz, 6.25 kHz
Battery voltage                                               7.5 V DC ± 20 %
Battery life                                                      KNB-15A (1100 mAh) More than 8 hours on 5-5-90                                                                         duty cycle
Operating temperature range                       -30° C ~ +60° C
Frequency stability                                      (-30° C ~ +60° C) ±0.0005% ±0.00025%
Antenna impedance                                       50 Ω
Channel frequency spread                            24 MHz 20 MHz

TK-2107 TK-3107  RECEIVER
Sensitivity (12 dB SINAD)
Wide/Narrow 0.25 µV/0.28 µV
Wide/Narrow 70 dB/60 dB
Intermodulation distortion
Wide/Narrow 65 dB/60 dB
Spurious response 65 dB 60 dB
Audio output 500 mW with less than 10% distortion
RF power output 5 W 4 W
Spurious response 65 dB
Wide/Narrow 16KØF3E/11KØF3E
FM noise
Wide/Narrow 45 dB/40 dB
Audio distortion
Wide/Narrow Less than 5%

Navstar CB220 Marine Ski-boat two way radie

Navstar cb220 Marine ski-boat two way radio

Navstar cb220 Marine ski-boat two way radio

Navstar CB-220 Marine / 4×4 Radio 5W, 29Mhz

  • NEW Improved Navstar 29Mhz RADIO
  • 23 Channel Facility, AM Modulation
  • Frequency range: 29.71 MHz to 29.9850 MHz
  • 5W RF output at 13.8V
  • Consumption: Standby 166 mA Transmit average 1.3A
  • Improved reception and Signal-To-Noise ration
  • Compact design (17mm x 35.5mm x 172mm)
  • Frequency synthesiser circuit provides crystal controlled PLL receive and transmit channels
  • Microprocessor channel selection
  • Soft touch channel selection for any 3 channels of your choice
  • Scanning on all programmed channels
  • Effective built in automatic noise blanker
  • LCD display

Note: You require a radio licence to purchase this radio. If you already have one, we will request a copy of it, Radio licence application forms can be forwarded to you on request. The cost to apply for a licence is R300 once off application fee thereafter R55 per year.

Channel Information:

29Mhz – Marine Channels

  • Channel 19 (A) – calling and distress
  • Channel 6   (B) –  general communication
  • Channel 22 (C) –  general communication

29 Mhz – 4×4 Channels

  • Channel 14 – general communication
  • Channel 15 – general communication
  • Channel 16 – general communication