Hytera HYT TC-446s two way radio Pretoria, License free PMR446

BL1719 HYT TC-446 Battery

BL1719 HYT TC-446 Battery

Hytera HYT TC-446 Two way radio License free PMR446

Hytera HYT TC-446 Two way radio License free PMR446

CH10L19 TC-446 Battery charger

CH10L19 TC-446 Battery charger







Product Features

·License-free Radio

With TC-446S, you can enjoy charge-free communication easily.

·Light Weight and Tough Design

TC-446S has a light-weight but exceptionally strong body, allowing it to be carried about easily and to survive harsh conditions.

·Longer Battery Life

TC-446S is equipped with a 1650mAh battery that enables you to transmit and receive, on a 5-5-90 basis, for up to 24 hours.

·Enhanced Voice Quality

TC-446S employs advanced voice technologies to better the sound quality during your communication.

Main Features

·Voice-operated Transmit (VOX)

·Battery Strength Indicator


·CTCSS/CDCSS and Squelch Tail Elimination


·Battery Save

·Low Battery Alert

·Busy Channel Lockout

·Time-out Timer (TOT)

·PC Programmable

·Wired Clone

·Two Squelch Levels Selectable








Hytera HYT TC446s two way radio Pretoria, License free PMR446

Zartek ZA-705 PMR446 Two way radio Pretoria

ZA705 two way radio PMR446 License free

ZA705 two way radio PMR446 License free

Licence free use on preset public frequencies and 0.5W power or

Licensed use on ICASA approved frequency and 4W power

  • Pre-programmed 16 Channels

  • Tones 50 CTCSS / 106 DCS

  • Compatible to Zartek Pro5 (464 MHz) & Pro8 radio (446 MHz)

  • Crystal Clear Loud Audio

  • High Impact Casing

  • Ultra Compact & Lightweight

  • Low battery alert

  • Emergency call

  • Voice channel selector

  • External microphone/speaker jack

  • Channels programmable via PC (Optional)

  • External Antenna Kit (Optional)

  • Full UHF band 403-470MHz on 2W or 4W (licence req.)

  • Approved by ICASA on both frequency ranges

  • 1 year warranty

  • IDEAL for Security use, Factories, Farming, Hotels, Events & Heavy Duty use.

Abell S1 Portable two way radio UHF VHF Pretoria

Abell S1 UHF VHF Two way radio

Abell S1 UHF VHF Two way radio

The S1 is customized frequency range design. It has 30MHz, 20MHz frequency range and pmr446 optional. Excellent performance at half of the price is your choice. Built with high quality components the best specification and performance.


♦Hotel, restaurant & recreation
Supermarket, shopping mall
♦Government, public safety & security

RTS DV-3140UV Two way radio Pretoria

DV3140UV Vratvark 2

DV-3140UV Vratvark 2

RTS DV 3140UV ( Vratvark 2) Two way radio Unique design, light, attractive figure, easy to operate Working frequency 136~174 + 400~470 MHz 200 channels 5 Watts VHF / 4 Watts UHF RF output Multi Colour LCD Display Build in FM radio Battery indicator DTMF + 5-Tone SellCall Emergency Call with Channel Steering In-built VOX function, hands-free talking Prior scanning, in-time answer for multi-channel In-built CTCSS / DCS functions Programming key to set, personalized function Scratch resistant Die Cast aluminum enclosure designed for rugged outdoor use Repeater frequency facility Battery save function that increases battery autonomy With 1500mAh Li-ON battery, 8Hrs for talking duration Uses Flash memory E² prom

Smallest dualband ( dual band ) two way Icasa approved radio