Alan HP06 / HP70 Two way radio Pretoria Midland

Alan HP06 HP70 Two way radio

Alan HP06 HP70 Two way radio Midband Highband

Ideal for public and private sector surveillance, HP06 provides a highly valuable contribution to service
delivery in surveillance or security fields, using practical and personalized solutions which respond
to any and all communications requirements, from the most simple to the most complex. Thanks to the
multiple call functions, the user can also program group or emergency call sequences on predefined
channels, block busy channels (Busy Lockout), and set start and end conversation times, optimizing
the use of radio channels.
The inbuilt scrambler allows for the encoding of calls while still remaining transparent to the user,
ensuring maximum privacy during conversations. The Lone Worker function, available as an option;
is ideal to protect the users working in remote or isolated areas, thanks to the sending of special
emergency codes.

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Abell S1 Portable two way radio UHF VHF Pretoria

Abell S1 UHF VHF Two way radio

Abell S1 UHF VHF Two way radio

The S1 is customized frequency range design. It has 30MHz, 20MHz frequency range and pmr446 optional. Excellent performance at half of the price is your choice. Built with high quality components the best specification and performance.


♦Hotel, restaurant & recreation
Supermarket, shopping mall
♦Government, public safety & security

ICOM IC-V8000 VHF FM Transceiver Two way radio Amateur band Pretoria

Icom IC-V8000 Amateur Two way radio

Discontinued, Service and repairs still available

Manufacturer’s Claimed Specifications Measured in the ARRL Lab
Frequency coverage: Receive, 136-174 MHz; Receive and transmit, as specified.
transmit, 144-148 MHz.
Power requirement: Receive, 1.0 A (maximum audio); Receive, 0.8 A; transmit, 12 A. Tested at 13.8 V.
transmit, 15 A (high power).
Modes of operation: FM. As specified.
Receiver Receiver Dynamic Range
FM sensitivity: 12 dB SINAD, 0.15 µV typical. For 12 dB SINAD, 0.15 µV.
Weather band sensitivity,12-dB SINAD (tested at 162.400 MHz): 0.14 µV.
Not specified.
FM adjacent channel rejection: Not specified. 20-kHz channel spacing: 74 dB.
FM two-tone, third-order IMD dynamic range: Not specified. 20-kHz channel spacing: 74 dB.*
10-MHz channel spacing: 87 dB.
FM two-tone, second-order IMD dynamic range: Not specified. 93 dB.
S-meter sensitivity: Not specified. S9 indication: 1.8 µV.
Squelch sensitivity: 0.08 µV typical. At threshold: 0.09 µV.
Receiver audio output: 2.0 W at 10% THD into 8 Ω. 2.4 W at 10% THD into 8 Ω.
Spurious and image rejection: 75 dB typical. First IF rejection, 99 dB; image rejection, 93 dB.

Transmitter Transmitter Dynamic Testing
Power output (H/M/ML/L): 75/25/10/5 W (approximately). 69 / 26 / 9.3 / 5.0 W.
Spurious-signal and harmonic suppression: ≥60 dB 64 dB. Meets FCC requirements for spectral purity.
Transmit-receive turnaround time (PTT release to 50% audio output): S9 signal, 168 ms.
Not specified.
Receive-transmit turnaround time (tx delay): Not specified. 130 ms.
Size (HWD): 2.0×5.9×5.9 inches; weight, 2.4 pounds.
*Note: Unless otherwise noted, all dynamic range measurements are taken at the ARRL Lab standard spacing of 20 kHz.

RTS DV-3140UV Two way radio Pretoria

DV3140UV Vratvark 2

DV-3140UV Vratvark 2

RTS DV 3140UV ( Vratvark 2) Two way radio Unique design, light, attractive figure, easy to operate Working frequency 136~174 + 400~470 MHz 200 channels 5 Watts VHF / 4 Watts UHF RF output Multi Colour LCD Display Build in FM radio Battery indicator DTMF + 5-Tone SellCall Emergency Call with Channel Steering In-built VOX function, hands-free talking Prior scanning, in-time answer for multi-channel In-built CTCSS / DCS functions Programming key to set, personalized function Scratch resistant Die Cast aluminum enclosure designed for rugged outdoor use Repeater frequency facility Battery save function that increases battery autonomy With 1500mAh Li-ON battery, 8Hrs for talking duration Uses Flash memory E² prom

Smallest dualband ( dual band ) two way Icasa approved radio

Kenwood TK-7100 TK-8100 Two way radio VHF UHF Pretoria

Kenwood TK7100 TK8100 VHF UHF

Kenwood TK7100 TK8100 VHF UHF

NB: This unit has been discontinued. Spares and service is still available

TK-7100M TK-8100M Two way radio UHF VHF

VHF Compact Synthesized FM Mobile Transceiver (non-EU use)

Key Features

  • Frequency Range: M Type 146-174MHz
  • M2 Type 136-162MHz
  • 64 Channels
  • 25 Watts RF Output
  • Emergency Mode
  • DTMF, QT and DQT Signalling
  • Wide/Narrow Channel Spacing
  • PC Programmable plus Wired Cloning Facility
  • Requires Optional Microphone

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Kenwood TK-2185 TK-3185 Portable two way radio Pretoria

Kenwood TK2185 TK3185 portable two way radio

Kenwood TK2185 TK3185 portable two way radio

• 5 W (217-270 MHz)
• 12 Character Alphanumeric Aliases
• Lighted Dot Matrix LCD
• 3-Digit Sub-Display
• Function / Status LCD Icons
• Display Customisation
• RSSI Indicator
• Date & 12 / 24 Hour Time Clock
• Transmit / Busy / Call Alert
• 4 Front Panel PF keys
• 2 Side PF Keys
• Orange Emergency / AUX Key
• 12-Key DTMF Keypad
• 500 mW Speaker Audio
• Voice Inversion Scrambler Built-in
• Enhanced Kenwood Audio
• Encryption Board Control
• Easy Option Port*1
• DTMF Manual Encode
• LCD Battery Status Indicator
• Low Battery Alert
• Weather-sealed ACC Connector
• MIL-Spec Speaker Mic Option
• Windows
® Programming & Tuning*2
• Windows
® Firmware Uploading*2
• Front Panel Test / Tune
• MIL-STD-810C/D/E/F
• MIL-STD “Driven-Rain”
• IP54 / 55 Water & Dust Intrusion
• 32 Channels
• 12.5 / 25 kHz CH Spacing (per CH)
• QT / DQT Encode & Decode
• Normal Scan (No Priority)
• Scan Delete / Add
• Companded Audio (per CH)
• Time Out Timer
• Busy Channel Lockout (per CH)

• 8 Network Capacity
• Multi-Site Network Trunking
• Single-Site Trunking
• Network Roaming / Registration
• 12.5 / 25 kHz Spacing (per network)
• Individual Call (“Private Calling”)
• Group Call
• Broadcast Call
• Inter-fleet Calling
• Inter-Prefix Calling
• PTT Intiate Call
• PSTN / PABX Call
• Priority Call
• Emergency Call
• Pre-emptive Emergency
• Full Off Air Call Setup
• Network Call Queuing
• Call Prioritisation
• Queue Incoming Calls
• Electronic Serial Number (ESN)
• 99 Call and Group Address List
• Group Scan
• Home Address
• Companded Audio*4