Power Winch 6T 13000lbs

Power winch 6Ton, 13000Lbs

Power winch 6Ton, 13000Lbs

Power winch in acrion

Power winch in acrion

Power Winch remote control







R 8500-00 excluding vat. Customer to fit unit himself or by fitment centre.

Winches are widely used nowadays as a display unit on vehicles. They are seldom used if ever. The Power Winch comes with a full remote a.w.a a cable remote. Fits on all existing bull bars as the hole sizes are standard. 2 year guarantee. Alternative to name brands such as Warn winch, T-max winch Tmax, at a fraction of the cost.

Winches and winching have always been synonymous with Land Rovers with the original power take off winches and some of the earliest Series 1 vehicles having drum driven Capstan winches fitted. The advancement of electronics and battery power introduced the electric winch which become the most common among off road 4×4 enthusiasts. However there are many different types of winches other than the electric winch and it is possible to do recovery without a winch. This page does not take sides between specific makes of winches, instead it will explain the operation and highlight the pros and cons of different types of winches. Vehicle recovery work harbours many potential dangers, take care, keep your eyes and ears open and think about what you are doing and take adequate safety precautions.

It is important to note that the specifications of winches are made up roughly as follows :

  • The power supply to the winch is full specified voltage ON THE WINCH INPUT TERMINALS

  • The hydraulic supply is at full pressure and flow at the hydraulic motor inlet port

  • Winches that wind cable or rope up onto a drum exhibit full load pull in the centre of the drum on THE FIRST LAYER OF CABLE – You can loose up to 50% pull when on the last layer.

Amazing specifications

  • Rated line pull: 5897kg single line
  • Motor: 5.5hp/4.0kW, 12V series wound
  • Control: remote switch, 3.7m lead
  • Gear train: three-stage planetary
  • Gear train ratio clutch: 218.4:1
  • Clutch: flexible operation, water-resistant
  • Dual Braking action: automatic in-the-drum
  • Torque overload protection
  • Wireless remote control
  • Water-resistant design
  • Drum size: 64mm x length: 223mm
  • Cable: 9.5mm, 30m
  • Fairlead: four-way roller fairlead
  • Remote control: included
  • Wireless remote: included
  • Battery: recommended: 650CCA minimum for winching
  • Battery leads: 2 gauge, 183mm
  • Finish: dark gray powder coating
  • Overall dimensions: 540 x 160 x 218mm
  • Mounting bolt pattern: 254 x 114.3mm
  • Net/gross weight: 36/38kg
  • Packing size: 57 x 19 x 34.5cm 1 pieces/carton