Zartek Eco WT202 PMR446 Liense free Two way radio Discontinued

Zartek Eco WT202 PMR446 License free

Zartek Eco WT202 PMR446 License free

Zartek WT-202 Discontinued

  • Ultra-Small
  • Low cost 2-way radio
  • New generation technology
  • LI-ION rechargeable battery
  • 304 Powerful UHF channels
  • Mains and vehicle charger
  • No license required
  • Group communication
  • Multi-function

Ultra Slim Size (18mm)
Ultra Light Weight (67g with battery)
8 UHF (Ultra High Frequencies) Frequencies
38 Quiet CTCSS – Codes
VOX (voice operated transmit): 3 Levels Of Sensitivity (0) Off (1) High (2) Medium (3) Low
VOX Overtime Delay (5 levels of time )
Call Function (10 Group Call Selection)
Back Lighted LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
Memory Retention Function
Power Saving Circuitry
Battery Charge/Drain Indication
External Microphone/headset ( PTT or VOX )
Transmit indicator LED
Auto Squelch Control
Detachable neck-strap
Digital Volume Control
Frequency Scan
Keypad Lock
Dual Watch
24 hour battery life on full charge (duty cycle 5:5:90)


Included Items:

>Eco radio
>Mains charger (220v)
>Vehicle charger 12v
>Li-ion rechargeable battery
>Users manual

LM503 Zartek Eco WT202 Mains Adaptor, GE240 Zartek WT202 Dual battery charger cradel

Zartek ZA-708 Two way radio Pretoria

ZA708 Two way radio

ZA708 Two way radio

GE-250 Zartek ZA-708 Battery

GE-250 Zartek ZA-708 Battery

GE-253 Zartek ZA-708 battery charger

GE-253 Zartek ZA-708 battery charger

Licence free use

  • Pre-programmed 16 Channels

  • Power output 500mW

  • Tones 47 CTCSS / 199 DCS

  • Dual colour TX/RX LED indicator

  • Crystal Clear Loud Audio

  • High Impact Casing

  • Compact & Lightweight

  • Low battery alert

  • External microphone/speaker jack

  • Compatible to Zartek Pro8 radio (446 MHz)

  • Channels programmable via PC (Optional)

  • External Antenna Kit (Optional)

  • 1 year warranty

  • IDEAL for Security use, Farming, Factories, Hotels & Heavy Duty use

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