Alinco DR-135 FX DR-135 T/EMKIII Two way radio Pretoria

Alinco DR-135FX Two way radio Amateur Ham radio

Alinco DR-135FX Two way radio Amateur Ham radio

Time changes but a legend continues. The Alinco DR-135, famous for its combination of power, multiple
functions and attractive design in a transceiver built to support voice and data communications, now enters
the 3rd generation. The new DR135 MKIII and FX versions offer the same legendary high-specs as current
MKII models but with the latest RoHS compliant materials for a more earth-friendly future.
As a voice transceiver, the DR-135 MKIII offers many convenient features in an attractive package, including
a huge 7-character alphanumeric display, large easy-to-operate controls, 3 power settings, wide or narrow FM
modes, a massive heat sink for cool, reliable operation, theft alarm feature, ignition key on/off control and
much more. Packet and APRS are supported with the optional internal EJ-47U digital voice communications
board. With its internal EJ-41U TNC, the DR-135 MKIII can be used for keyboard communications or
geo-locating in combination with an external GPS at 1200 or 9600 bps. A DSUB9 computer connector situated
on the rear panel and a convenient data port on the front panel allows easy GPS connection.
With the MKIII’s basic design and features, the DR-135FX is an economy version that offers
superb voice communication for commercial users (where permitted).
Take a closer look at the new DR135MKIII/FX, you will understand why it’s a Legend.

Alinco DR135FX DR13 T/EMKIII Two way radio Pretoria

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