Alarm Panels


Alarm control panels

1、Color LCD screen,keypad with blue light when operate
2、Support 4 wireless emergency button,4 wireless fire detectors,16 remote controllers
3、32 wireless intruder detectors,can support 99 wireless detectors at most
4、8 wired zones:zone 1 and zone 2 special for wired door/window magnetic contact
5、show the door/window open with voice,LCD and SMS.
6、Low voltage remind for sensors by LCD,voice & SMS
7、6 mobile phone numbers for SMS alarm and 6 call alarm phone numbers
8、Humankind voice guide and three level password protection
9、Recording warning voice
10、Two auto-arm time,two auto-disarm time and one auto-partial arm time available for programmed
11、220 wireless encode reduce the rate of same code greatly
12、Learning code for wireless sensors and accessories
13、Two-way communication available in alarm mode
14、Handfree mobile phone.
15、SMS & DTMF command control & program.
16、Modify name of wireless zones by SMS
17、Four way arm/disarm:keypad,remote,phone and SMS
18、Call the alarm host any time and listen what happened in the alarm area.
19、Entry delay alarm and panel opened alarm
20、Internal MIC or external high sensitivity MIC(optional)
21、Internal antenna or external antenna(optional)
22、External power failure alarm
23、Working with mornitoring center,such as police station