ICOM IC-V8000 VHF FM Transceiver Two way radio Amateur band Pretoria

Icom IC-V8000 Amateur Two way radio

Discontinued, Service and repairs still available

Manufacturer’s Claimed Specifications Measured in the ARRL Lab
Frequency coverage: Receive, 136-174 MHz; Receive and transmit, as specified.
transmit, 144-148 MHz.
Power requirement: Receive, 1.0 A (maximum audio); Receive, 0.8 A; transmit, 12 A. Tested at 13.8 V.
transmit, 15 A (high power).
Modes of operation: FM. As specified.
Receiver Receiver Dynamic Range
FM sensitivity: 12 dB SINAD, 0.15 µV typical. For 12 dB SINAD, 0.15 µV.
Weather band sensitivity,12-dB SINAD (tested at 162.400 MHz): 0.14 µV.
Not specified.
FM adjacent channel rejection: Not specified. 20-kHz channel spacing: 74 dB.
FM two-tone, third-order IMD dynamic range: Not specified. 20-kHz channel spacing: 74 dB.*
10-MHz channel spacing: 87 dB.
FM two-tone, second-order IMD dynamic range: Not specified. 93 dB.
S-meter sensitivity: Not specified. S9 indication: 1.8 µV.
Squelch sensitivity: 0.08 µV typical. At threshold: 0.09 µV.
Receiver audio output: 2.0 W at 10% THD into 8 Ω. 2.4 W at 10% THD into 8 Ω.
Spurious and image rejection: 75 dB typical. First IF rejection, 99 dB; image rejection, 93 dB.

Transmitter Transmitter Dynamic Testing
Power output (H/M/ML/L): 75/25/10/5 W (approximately). 69 / 26 / 9.3 / 5.0 W.
Spurious-signal and harmonic suppression: ≥60 dB 64 dB. Meets FCC requirements for spectral purity.
Transmit-receive turnaround time (PTT release to 50% audio output): S9 signal, 168 ms.
Not specified.
Receive-transmit turnaround time (tx delay): Not specified. 130 ms.
Size (HWD): 2.0×5.9×5.9 inches; weight, 2.4 pounds.
*Note: Unless otherwise noted, all dynamic range measurements are taken at the ARRL Lab standard spacing of 20 kHz.

Icom IC-F3003 IC-F4003 Portable two way radio VHF UHF

Icom IC-F3003 IC-F4003


Affordable, high performance radio that offers abundant features

Simple operation for instant communication

The IC-F3003 series is so easy to use there’s no special training required. The few knobs and buttons are generously sized for easy operation and are designed to provide non-slip, positive action – even while wearing gloves.

Easy to hear in noisy areas

The built-in bridge-tied load (BTL) amplifier offers powerful 800mW* audio output from the large 45mm speaker. The radio delivers loud and intelligible audio even in noisy environments. * Typical with internal speaker

Longer operating time

A new high efficiency FET of the IC-F3003 series reduces consumption current and provides 20 hours* of operating time with the BP-265, 2000mAh battery pack. Even when used with the BP-264, the radio offers 14 hours* of operating time. *Tx:Rx:Standby=5:5:90. Power save function ON.

Weather resistant, dust protection, military rugged

While the radio is a compact unit with a height of only 111mm, the radio is tested to dust protection and water resistant equivalent to IP54 and 11 categories of MILSTD- 810 environmental test. In short, the IC-F3003 series is built rugged!

Internal VOX capability for hands-free operation

The radio has the internal VOX capability for hands-free operation. Optional compatible headset with plug adapter cable OPC-2004 can be used with the radio. Also, the VOX gain and VOX delay time are adjustable.

Selective calling, quiet stand-by and more

2-Tone and 5-Tone signalings give you selective calling, quiet stand-by and other convenient functions with programming. The radio “stun” function disables a radio over the air and the “revive” function restores the stunned radio.

Scan features

The priority scan allows you to monitor one or two priority channels while scanning other non-priority channels. The Tx channel and talk back functions allow you to make a quick response while scanning.

Other features

  • DTMF autodial
  • CTCSS/DTCS encoder/decoder
  • BIIS PTT ID transmission
  • MDC PTT ID and emergency
  • Low battery alert
  • 2-step power save
  • PC programmable
  • Time out timer
  • Talk around function
  • Lone worker function
  • Enhanced emergency
  • 3-color LED
  • Surveillance function

Icom IC-F5022 VHF Mobile / Base two way radio

icom ic-f5022 Mobile radio small

Icom IC-F5022 Mobile / Base two way radio

The IC-F5022 series is ideal for small-to-mid sized systems for public safety, large industry to light commercial users. The IC-F5022 series offers multiple signaling, advanced scanning, improved external channel control capability and wide frequency coverage packed in a compact body. This rugged mobile easily exceeds your expectations with its reliable performance and communication quality.

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