Stealth ST-200 Discontinued Two way radio Pretoria PMR446 license free

Stealth ST200 Two way radio

Stealth ST200 Two way radio Discontinued

Stealth ST-200 license free two way free radios / walkie talkie.

1.Three Programmable Keys
Three programmable keys are available;user can set different function for them by the programming software as they like,more hunmanized design.

2. High/Low Power Switchable
High power and low power can be convertible. In the short distance, user can select low power to prolong the service time of the battery.

39 groups of optional standard CTCSS and 83 groups DCS are available. The channel set with CTCSS/DCS tone relieves you from unwanted audio.

4. Monitor Function

Monitor the current channel, it is useful to adjust the volume level or receive a weak signal.

5. TOT Function
Time-out Timer is useful to limit the time of each transmission and avoid any damage caused by long-time continuous transmission.

6. VOX Function
If the VOX function is activated, with the earphone, communication is available without pressing [PTT].

7. Alarm Function
While meeting emergency, press and hold the alarm key, the radio will emit alert with high decibel.

8. Tail Tone Elimination
To eliminate the annoying audio caused by carrier wave disappearing after the transmitter ends the communication.

9.Scrambler Function ( optional)
Built in voice security system to avoid wiretapped.

10. Battery Save

No signal being received or no operation being performed for more than 10 seconds, the radio auto saves to reduce the battery consumption.

11. Low Power Alert

When the battery power appears low, the speaker sounds “du, du” for alert.

12. Wired Clone

All stored data can be transferred to another radio of the same model by a specific cable.

13. PC Programmable
Frequency and various functions can be set by programming software.


Frequency Range

VHF: (1) 136.0000MHz~174.0000MHz

UHF: (2) 400.0000MHz~470.0000MHz

RF Power

5W/1W (VHF)

4W/1W (UHF)

Number of Channels

15 1

Working Temperature

– 20℃ ~  60℃


DC 7.4V (Li-ion battery 1100mAH)

Antenna Impedance



93mm * 50mm * 23.5mm (without antenna)





<0.20μV (12dB SINAD)

Squelch Sensitivity


Intermodulation Rejection


Audio Power




Audio Distortion



Modulation Mode


Max. Frequency Deviation


Spurious and Harmonics


Preemphasis Character


Transmitting Current


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