Yaesu VR-120D Scanner Pretoria Export only to approved dealers

Yaesu VR-120D Frequency Scanner

Yaesu VR-120D Frequency Scanner

NB: These equipment Are illegal to be used anywhere in South Africa. Please make sure of your countries Telecommunication Act before purchasing. these equipment


COMMUNICATIONS RECEIVER Rugged Professional Communications Receiver Scanner Pretoria

•Professional Grade Receiver •Wide Frequency Coverage

•640 Memory Channels

•Durable and Reliable for Outdoor Use

•Fully-illuminated Keypad and Display

•Four-Button Simple Operation

•Long Battery Life

•Multiple Power Source Capability

FNB-79 Battery Pack Ni-Cad

CSC-76 Soft carry case


CA-34 Charger Sleeve

E-DC-15 DC Car Adapter

NC-82 Charger Stand (requires CA-34)

CT-35 Cloning Cable