Navstar CB220 Marine Ski-boat two way radio Discontinued

Navstar 220 29Mhz cb Marine and skiboat radio

Navstar CB-220 Marine / 4×4 Radio 5W, 29Mhz

  • NEW Improved Navstar 29Mhz RADIO
  • 23 Channel Facility, AM Modulation
  • Frequency range: 29.71 MHz to 29.9850 MHz
  • 5W RF output at 13.8V
  • Consumption: Standby 166 mA Transmit average 1.3A
  • Improved reception and Signal-To-Noise ration
  • Compact design (17mm x 35.5mm x 172mm)
  • Frequency synthesiser circuit provides crystal controlled PLL receive and transmit channels
  • Microprocessor channel selection
  • Soft touch channel selection for any 3 channels of your choice
  • Scanning on all programmed channels
  • Effective built in automatic noise blanker
  • LCD display

Note: You require a radio licence to purchase this radio. If you already have one, we will request a copy of it, Radio licence application forms can be forwarded to you on request. The cost to apply for a licence is R300 once off application fee thereafter R55 per year.

Channel Information:

29Mhz – Marine Channels

  • Channel 19 (A) – calling and distress
  • Channel 6   (B) –  general communication
  • Channel 22 (C) –  general communication

29 Mhz – 4×4 Channels

  • Channel 14 – general communication
  • Channel 15 – general communication
  • Channel 16 – general communication


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