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Who we are

ORRA was started in 1977 by the 4×4 ATV Club (then the Jeep Club of Southern Africa), the Land Rover Owners Club of Southern Africa and the Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa.The first radios that where licenced to ORRA by the then Post Office for use in the 4×4 environment was the 27Mhz (CB) radios in 1977.In 1979 the Post Office decided not to reissue licences to ORRA for the 27Mhz frequency but to change the licence for use by ORRA to the 29Mhz frequency that is still being used today.

In those early years the administration of the licences for the clubs where done by the Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa. This continued until the 2001 when the three founder members decided that they will extend the licencing of radios to the AAWDC. This concession did not mean that the control also went over to the AAWDC. The Constitution of ORRA still stipulates that the founding clubs are in control of ORRA and responsible for the effective use of the licences issued to ORRA.

The issuing of licences to clubs other than the founding members is done as a service to the AAWDC. This concession to extend the licences to other clubs belonging to the AAWDC resulted in that the administration was taken over by the AAWDC as the administration involved had increased dramatically. In 2005 ORRA decided to approach ICASA with a request for the issuing of VHF licence for use in the 4×4 environment as well. In 2006 ICASA issued the first two VHF frequencies to ORRA.

In November 2009 the 4×4 ATV Club took over the administration again and this resulted in that the control and the administration was back in the hands of the Founder member clubs.

During 2011 ORRA approached ICASA for an additional VHF frequency . This request was approved and a third VHF frequency was licenced. This resulted in that ORRA decided to extend the use of the VHF band and 9 channels were allocated for use by its members.

In June 2014 the amended constitution was approved by the founding clubs. This inter alia now made provision that Bona Fide off-road clubs or organisations must now directly approach ORRA for recognition. When a club or organisation has been recognised, the club or organisation’s individual members may approach ORRA for radio user authorisations. These user authorisations allow the individual members to make use of the ORRA frequencies within the boundaries of the Republic of South Africa.

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