220VAC to 12VDC Power supply Two way radio Base station

220V AC to 12V DC Power Supply

220V AC to 12V DC Power Supply


Input Voltage 220V-240V A C
Output Voltage DC 13.8V
Output current 10AMP
Operating Temperature -10 To + 60°C
Ripple + noise < 80 mV P-P
Internal battery back up facility 7 AH (No battery included.)
Short-circuit Protection (with automatic reset function)
Input power Fuse protected
Voltage regulation Fully regulated
Over voltage Protection on output
Low battery state Voltage cut out avoids damage to battery
Thermal cut out Self restoring
Two sets of output terminals 13.8V DC for load
Auxiliary: for connecting to the internal charging leads when an external battery is to be charged. Can
be used for mounting of internal speaker. (not supplied)
Illuminated on/off switch Indicate mains on
Fail light (L.E.D.) Indicate mains failed and battery has discharged to ± 10. 5 Volts
Compact size 240 x 115mm x 170mm
Transformer type Toroidal
The power supply is designed to run at full power for a duty cycle of approximately
80% standby, 20% full load.

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