Electric School Bell Pretoria

Electric School Bell

Electric School Bell

Electric School Bell 220V AC.

Used in conjunction with all school intercoms. Classroom intercom speakers

Used in Fire Stations as well ( Fire Station Bell)

Product Details
Basic Info.

Model NO.:            AW-CBL2166-A

Trademark           AW-2166
Packing:              as Customized

Standard:           CE, ISO 9001, Rohs

25W Megaphone amplivox s602

25W Megaphone

Amplivox Megaphone 25W

The Amplivox MityMeg S602 25 Watt megaphone uses revolutionary piezo dynamic technology to make it lighter and more efficient than conventional megaphones. As a result, the 25 Watt S602 has an effective range of up to one mile (1,760 yards) while weighing only 2 pounds.

Piezo dynamic technology also helps the S602 draw less current than traditional megaphones. This means that its 8 C cell batteries(not included) can handle up to 40 hours of continuous use!

The S602 features a pistol grip and weatherproof design, and has siren and whistle modes in addition to talk mode. A battery indicator light, a cartridge for easier battery insertion, and an adjustable volume/gain knob are also included.