IRC Pathfinder Two way radio (Discontinued) No spares or service available

IRC Pathfinder two way radio Discontinued Repairs and service still avaiable

IRC Pathfinder two way radio Discontinued Repairs and service still available

The pathfinder series of mobile two-way radios have the following standard features:
· 200 Channels which can be split up into 1 to 10 scanning groups.
· 30 Watts of Transmitter Power
· 0,3uV Receiver sensitivity.
· Channels can be identified by a name which is displayed on the control head.
· Radio can be programmed and read-back using IRC PC based programming software.
· CTCSS encode/decode per channel (can be different encode/decode tones).
· DCS encode/decode per channel (can be different encode/decode codes).
· Busy Channel Lock-out.
· Scanning – Normal Scan, ACS scan, Priority Scan and ACS priority scan.
· Scanning can be forced on or off.
· Built -in Five tone Muting, paging and answer back on own ID or group of 10 or 100.
· Hooter output if radio is called.
· Alarm input which can be programmed to send any one of the 100 internal calls.
· ANI – Leading or Trailing. One-shot ANI is selectable for leading or trailing ANI.
· 100 pre-defined five-tone calls each on any one of 10 tone-sets, each identified with a name.
· In-built ‘quasi’ MARNET or full MARNET using the plug-in second receiver
· AS1000 or Farmcall compatible with plug-in decoder
· Five digit dial call on any one of the 10 tone-sets.
· Over-the-air stun facility
Operator selectable controls from the control head
· Volume
· Channel
· Scanning on/off
· Mute level
· Send a five-tone call from the list of 100 calls
· Dial-in a five-tone call
· Set scan per channel
· TATN automatic channel select
· Monitor
· Nuisance channel delete
· One of three hot keys, each programmable to either send a specific call or activate ACS
The operator can be locked out of any of the control head functions in the programming software

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