Kirisun iTalk 100 (Discontinued) Smart PTT Trunking radio Pretoria Allcommunications Radio with wifi

Kirisun iTalk 200 Smart PTT Trunking radio Pretoria Radio with wifi

Discontinued, Replaced with the iTalk200 iTalk PTT



  • Unique iTALKPTT Software

  • Group Call, Individual Call

  • Nationwide Coverage

  • Emergency / Panic Button

  • NFC Model Optional

  • GSM / WCDMA / WIFI Support

  • GPS

  • Bluetooth

  • Guard Patrol Feature and monitoring
  • GSM Two way radio: Unlimited coverage.
  • Smart PTT
  • ptt gsm two way radio
  • Italk100, Italk-100, Italk 100, battery charger KB100, KB-100, KB 100, battery

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