Midland Alan HP-35 Portable two way radio Pretoria UHF VHF Waterproof and submersible

Alan HP-35 Portable two way radio UHF VHF

Alan HP-35 Portable two way radio UHF VHF

Alan HP35
Dedicated to those who have a lot to say. HP35 series offers the highest performance, scaling, and flexibility in the field. It guarantees the personalization of communication standards to specific requirements, and safeguards the security of users, thanks to special emergency signals that can also be activated with the radio turned off. Police, emergency response groups, and public utilities,high-priority users will all benefit from the large graphic display (24 characters + 2 lines).
Exceptionally robust, thanks to the frame which protects the devices from strong impacts and falls,
and which creates a waterproof and dustproof barrier, these devices are suitable for the most difficult
working conditions and are compliant to MIL STD 810 C, D, E, F, IP54, CE 99/05 and Finabel 2.C.10.
Unbeatable in performance, but also in standard accessories, Alan HP35 transceivers are equipped
with “capeless” antennas and high capacity lithium batteries, which guarantee 12 hours of autonomy…
for those who have a lot to say.

› More than 100 channels
› 24 character display + 2 icon lines
› Simplified menu and the big alphanumeric display grant for an user friendly interface
› Data messaging (variable and pre defined status messaging)
› Optimal audio quality in any environment DSP audio management
› Address Book: displays name of caller/calling party
› Thanks to the Eeprom Flash HP35 series can be used with new protocols or adapted to your communication standard
› Compact and lightweight: only 385 gr including LIon high capacity battery pack (1900 mAh)
› Personalized user menu, 15 buttons with user-designated functions
› 24 digit, 2 line alphanumeric icon display for immediate viewing of signal and battery level as well as text messaging
› Rolling code scrambler with automatic Crypto mode activation Communications are guaranteed secure thanks to the 100 quintillions security codes
› Special calls Single, group, and emergency calls (dedicated button), activated even if the radio is turned off
› Internal FFSK mod. CMLFX 829 modem for sending and transmitting precoded messages and Free text messages (SDM)
› Greater facility in service and maintenance Does not require that the device be “opened” in order to perform adjustments
› Available in the following versions: Trunking (MPT 1327), National Railways (“Beacon warning note”),IRC (Italian Red Cross)
› Personal communication protocols are available on demand
› High-capacity lithium battery included in the gift box ensuring 12 hours of autonomy
› Gold-plated battery contacts Do not wear out over time.
› Extremely secure battery clip system studied to prevent accidental unclipping even if subjected to strong shocks or falls The two security battery clips with stainless steel springs and reinforced ribbing make for extreme stability and robustness
› Reinforced belt clip designed to work even with thick leather belts
› Radiolocalization The special mike MK25GPS integrating GPS receiver and
antenna allows coordinates to be sent the base station
Frequency band VHF: 146-174 MHz (HP 135, 135K)
UHF: 440-470 MHz (HP 435, 435K)
…And many hidden features
› BPA 100
Bluetooth adapter
hands free conversations with
any earphone or throat mike

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