SGC SG-239 smarttuner HF Pretoria 200Watt

SGC SG-239 Smarttuner HF 200 Watt

SGC SG-239 Smarttuner HF 200 Watt

Low Cost Smartuning

Get quality performance from a low cost package. The SG-239 will operate from 1.8 to 30MHz with 1.5 to 200W. It has over 130,000 possible tuning combinations and 170 memory bins for fast, accurate tuning. Like all Smartuners, it gives you the most flexibility because it will work with any antenna and any transceiver. It also has push buttons for a manual tune option. It weighs only 2 pounds, so you can use it for base, or portable!


HF Frequency Range:
Power Input Range:
Input Impedance Range:
DC Input Requirement:
DC Operating Range:
Input Current:
Recurrent set time:
Memory Capacity:
Possible Tuning Combinations:
Antenna Length:

Operating Temperature:
Case Construction:
Control Cable:
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1.8 to 30 MHz
1.5 to 200W (PEP) and 80W (continuous)
45 to 55 ohms
Typical: Less than 2:1
+13.8 VDC (nominal)
+10.5 to 18 VDC
300 milli Amps
Typical: Less than 2 seconds
Typical: Less than 10 milliseconds
170 non-volatile locations
Minimum lengths: 40 feet(3.3 to 30 MHz)
100 feet(1.8 to 30 MHz)
Any position, ideal at antenna feed point
-35 to +70 degrees C
7.5L x 6W x 1.85H inches
2 pounds
Aluminum case with exposed PCB*
No cables supplied

*Requires extra protection for installation outdoors.

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