HYT TC268 TC368 Two way radio Pretoria

Hytera HYT TC268 TC368

Hytera HYT TC268 TC368 Discontinued

TC-268S/368S Walkie Talkie comply with ergonomics, have very good handle feel and high waterproof performance, rugged and reliable. With its perfect sound quality, long communication range (open area:6km) and high performance, TC-268S/368S Two Way radios have won lots of certificate and type approval.

Monitoring Functions
Busy Channel Lockout
Priority Channel Scan
Low electricity quantity
The Province electricity
Wire Copy Function

Frequency Range                                VHF:136-150 MHz 150-174 MHz
UHF:400-420 MHz 450-470 MHz
Channel No                                          16
Step size                                             25 /12.5 KHz
DC Voltage                                          7.5V
Battery                                                1100 mAh (NiMH)
Freq.Stability                                       ±2.5 ppm
Operation Temperature                      -30°C ~ +60°C
Antenna Impedance                            50Ω
Dimensions                                         126×59×33mm
Weight                                                 377g
Power Output                                     4W( UHF ) 5W( VHF )
Mode                                                  16KΦF3E/8KΦF3E
Spurious Radiation                             40dB
Modulation Distortion                          ≤5%
Receiver Sensitivity                            0.28/0.35 μV


Motorola P020 P030 Battery

P020 Battery

Motorola P020 Battery


1800mAh Motorola P020


Voltage: 7.2VCapacity: 1800mAhColor:

BlackWeight: 160gDimension: 115*56*24mm

Products Status: Brand New, In Stock


Motorola P020 P030 Charger

Motorola P020 P030 Charger Still available

Motorola P020 P030 Charger Still available

This single-unit rapid rate charger utilizes an enhanced charging algorithm that will help maximize the life of your batteries. Fits MOTOROLA Original Number PMTN4048,PMTN4049,PMTN4050,PMTN4061A,PMTN4047,PMTN4052.This charger is compatible with Ni-Cd and Ni-Mh batteries (such as PMNN4052,PMNN4046,PMNN4063) for the following Motorola handheld two-way radios:

WPLN4137BR Desktop Rapid 90-Min. Charger
WPLN4138AR Desktop Rapid 90-Min. Charger
WPLN4155AR 120 Volt – 10 Hour Desktop Charger (for use with NNTN4496_R NiCd battery only)
PMTN4048A USA Plug 110V Desktop Rapid 90-Min. Charger
PMTN4049A Eur Plug 240V Desktop Rapid 90-Min. ChargerPMTN4050A UK Type 240V Desktop Rapid 90-Min. ChargerPMTN4061 USA Type 230V Desktop Slow 16Hour. Charger PMTN4047A Eur Type 230V Desktop Slow Charger 16Hour PMTN4052A UK Plug Desktop Slow Charger 16Hour


Motorola P020 P030 Two way radio Pretoria Discontinued Spares and repairs still Available

Motorola P020 Two way radio Discontinued

Motorola P020 Two way radio Discontinued

Quick overview
Motorola P020 UHF B1 403-440MHz
99 Channels, 4W, limited KeypadIncluding:
-Battery NiMH std. (PMNN4046)
-16h Charger EU Plug (MDPMTN4047)
-Antenna std. (NAE6483)
-Earbud (MDPMLN4442)
-Belt Clip & user Guide

Product Number

Motorola P020, P-020, P030 P-030 two way radio UHF VHF

Motorola P110 Battery

P110 battery Motorola

Motorola P110 Battery Stil available


Product Description:

This Motorola Radius P110 replacement two way radio battery is 100% compatible with the Motorola Radius P110. Our batteries and accessories are made with high quality parts and are guaranteed to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specifications at a reduced price. All batteries are tested for 100% quality control assurance. This Motorola Radius P110 replacement two way radio battery includes a 1 year warranty to guarantee that it has no manufacturing defects.

Motorola P110 Battery Charger


Still available Motorola P110 battery charger

Two-Way Radio Brand:                                                   Motorola
Radio Model:                                                                   Radius P110
Compatible Battery Chemistries:                                     Nicad, NiMH, Li-Ion
Power Supply Type:                                                        AC to DC
Power Supply Input:                                                        120V AC
Power Supply Output:                                                     15.0V – 18.0V DC
Charge Rate:                                                                  700mA
Weight (pounds):                                                            0.6
Dimensions (inches):                                                      4.5 x 5.4 x 2.6


Motorola P110 two way radio UHF VHF


Discontinued Motorola P110

Specifications for Information and Comparison:

  • 2 or 8 Channels
  • 2 or 4 Watts UHF / 5 Watts VHF
  • 403-433, 438-470, 465-495, 490-520 MHz UHF / 136-162, 146-174 MHz VHF
  • Motorola P110 UHF VHF Two way radio